How To Get Here: LAX Airport To Jerry's Motel

Renting a car is the easiest way to get to Jerry's Motel in Downtown Los Angeles from LAX. For those without a car, two easy options are available:

Shared Shuttle Van:
Prime Time Shuttle is our recommended option and will cost ~$16 per person one way from LAX directly to Jerry's Motel. Keep in mind that you may have other travelers in the van with you who are also being dropped off along a similar route. Book in advance online at: http://www.primetimeshuttle.com/

Most direct route from LAX to Jerry's Motel. Costs a bit more at ~$50-$70 depending on traffic. You can catch a taxi at LAX without any pre-planning at one of the many taxi zones. Be sure to have our address handy for the taxi drivers to input into their GPS.

FlyAway Bus
You can take the FlyAway Bus from LAX to Union Station in Downtown LA for $8 per person.  The ride will take approximately 1 hour. Buses run every 30 minutes during normal hours and every 1 hour over night.

Once you arrive at Union Station, you can either take a taxi to Jerry's Motel (approx. $10) or follow the directions below if you take public transportation. If you have a lot of luggage or you are arriving very late in the evening, a taxi will be best.

Click here to see timetables and information on pick up locations.

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