Perfect Site To FIgure Out Taxi Cab Fares In Los Angeles

WORLD TAXI METER gives you a pretty close estimate of taxi costs. Perfect for those who want to find out how much a specific trip might cost. Whether you are without a rental car or want to taxi back after a night at a bar or club this site will be useful. The site estimates a $46 fare from LAX International Airport to Jerry's Motel or $10.89 from Union Station to Jerry's Motel. Hiring a taxi is not the most economical option for getting here from LAX. Our suggested option for those without a car is to take a shared shuttle van such as PrimeTime for $32 (two people).
World Taxi Meter Los Angeles: http://www.worldtaximeter.com/los-angeles
Our recommended taxi company: http://www.bellcab.com/

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