Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours - What Are My Options?

Our guests often ask about the various sightseeing tour companies in LA and which one is the "best". It is really important to find out what kind of tour you are looking for to determine what makes sense for you. Below is a simple breakdown and links to the most common and well known tour operators in Los Angeles. Most have pickup points in Hollywood. LA Sightseeing will pick you up directly at Jerry's Motel when scheduled in advance.

A Day In LA Tours - highest rated tour company in LA on TripAdvisor. Pickup points are various LA hotels or in Santa Monica. Guests who have used this company rave about the guides making the tour stand out.

Star Line Tours - offers "Hop On/Hop Off" buses as well as standard tours. Hop On/Hop Off is great for those who don't have a car and want to be independent and spend time at each spot and then get back on and head to the next sightseeing destination. Pickup locations in Hollywood and Downtown (closest stop to Jerry's Motel is at the Westin Bonaventure 4 city blocks away).

TMZ Tours - great for those looking for a gossip/celebrity based Hollywood tour. Based off the TV show and well know site www.tmz.com

LA Sightseeing - convenient for those who want to get picked up at Jerry's Motel. A simple tour of Los Angeles. Pick up available at Jerry's Motel when scheduled in advance.

Free LA Tour (Guided Walking Tour of Downtown LA) - Free LA Tour provides tours of Downtown Los Angeles for free!  But PLEASE be sure to tip at least $10 per person so these great people can make a living and continue to provide great tours!

It is best to check out reviews of all tour companies before booking either on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation for Free LA Tour! Hope to see you on the tour :-).